75。Gen Z FTW 🦔

Gen Z vs. Millenials--both good, but I got faith in the future. I guess I consider myself part of the Gen Z vanguard. Relatedly, talking about meaning, trust, and relationships, and why it's sometimes easier not to care.


Talking about dealing with strange energy and giving a bit of the perceived historical impact of rapper 6ix9ine for the 69th episode.

68。WE GOT LOVE. 🙌🏽

We Got love… Love… Love… You better believe it! Talking about the importance and power of Love in the context of the Yandhi Leak and everything Kanye has been about, especially since 2018. If you love Kanye, this episode will be a lot of fun for you. If you are on the fence about Kanye, maybe it will be a cool perspective. If you are absolutely uninterested in Kanye… Well… You might have to open yourself up a bit to this one. No matter what, hope you enjoy!

65。It's Levels 👾

Talking about leveling up—how is it done in video games? How can you do it in real life? I also cover some of the new music that has come out recently (Chance the Rapper, Rich Brian) and India and Japan’s plans to find water on the moon.

64. Tech is cool 🖥

The 64th bit of podcasting to come from this series. Talking a little bit into the majesty and history of computers, video games, and non-Kroeger Grocery stores.