週25。2 A C T F I N A L E ! ! ! 。日169−180。

Nothing Gold Can Stay, and with this slew of 12 Episodes, Every Day Live comes to an end.  Enjoy the last of the 180 consecutive days:  the last songs, the last skits, and the last of the countries on our wild globe!

169。7月17日。"We've Got a Lot to Do"
170。7月18日。A Hard Stance
171。7月19日。Theatre Thursday Presents: "The Merchants"
172。7月20日。Real Music
174。7月22日。Act I Finale:  "The End of the World"

175。7月23日。Country Barrage, pt. 1
176。7月24日。Country Barrage, pt. 2
177。7月25日。What does the Future Hold?
178。7月26日。Theatre Thursday Presents: "EDL, Washed Up"
180。7月28日。The Grand Finale

Uzbekistan | Marshall Islands | Mauritius |
Dominica | Iran | Malaysia | Samoa | Micronesia
| Costa Rica | Kyrgyszstan | Ukraine | Uruguay |
Syria | Somalia | Slovakia | Sint Maarten | Morocco
| Monaco | Palestinian Territories | Sudan | Japan |
South Korea | Sweden | The United Kingdom

週24。T A B O O。日162−168。

What are the rules of our society?  And what happens when you break those rules? Ben and Ryan explore these questions and more on this penultimate episode of Every Day Live!

162。7月10日。Playing Taboo
163。7月11日。The Taboos Invade
164。7月12日。Theatre Thursday Presents: "The Austrian Flesh-Eater"
165。7月13日。Vice Intaboo
166。7月14日。Kid Taboos
168。7月16日。A New Tabooniverse

Lithuania | Yemen | Austria | Rwanda | Tonga
| Kenya | Liberia | Guinea |  Guinea-Bisseau

週23。I N D E P E N D E N C E。日155−161。

It's the week our beautiful country was born, and Ryan and Ben get into the spirit of Independence as they leave each other to do their own thing for five days.  Enjoy this special Double Episode!

155。7月3日。"Let's Be Independent!"
156。7月4日。Be Free! (Ben) // The Facts on America (Ryan)
157。7月5日。Theatre Thursday Presents: "Freedom Like a Shopping Cart" (Ben) // "The Story of Trace" (Ryan)
158。7月6日。Freedom from Worry (Ben)  // Freedom from Attachment (Ryan)
159。7月7日。Skate Boy's Teen Advice (Ben) // Little Johnny's Confidence Problem (Ryan)
160。7月8日。Can We Go it Alone? (Ben) //  Building Yourself (Ryan)
161。7月9日。Independence Wrap-Up

Vietnam | America | Central African Republic
| Antigua & Barbuda | Haiti | Democratic
Republic of the Congo | Russia | The Republic
of the Congo  | Spain | Macau

週22。C O M P E T I T I O N 。日148−154

ARE YOU PUMPED?  You better be!  DOMINATOR goes HEAD TO HEAD with HAMFIST ROGERS -- This week on Every Day Live!

148。6月26日。"Go DOMINATOR!"
149。6月27日。FIFA ⚽️
150。6月28日。"The Grand Tennis Match" (presented by Theatre Thursday)
151。6月29日。Apple 🍎
152。6月30日(kiDsday)。The War Expert
153。7月1日。David & Goliath
154。7月2日。UFC FINALE

Algeria | Portugal | Holy See | Uganda | Sri
Lanka | Saudi Arabia | Columbia | Turkmenistan